Lekgalameetse Provincial Park

Lekgalameetse Nature reserve

Lekgalameetse Nature reserve

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When thinking of Lekgalameetse Provincial Park, think of lush vegetations, beautiful and rocky Wolkberg Mountains Escarpments and cool refreshing breezes that kiss and rejuvenate your skin.

The Lekgalameetse Provincial Park is part of the Drakensberg mountain range and is characterised by grassy hills, lush kloofs and indigenous forests.

This breezy resort capitalizes on the striking correlation between its waters, rocks and tall trees that overshadow the beautiful wooden chalets neatly tucked alongside the river bank.

The overflowing sound of water persuades its visitors to unwind and ease tension. It is a place where pure natural crystal-clear swimming pools form and waterfalls break the silence.

As in its name Lekgalameetse, ' The Place of water ', hosts and generates water for most of the prominent rivers in the Lowveld, and has water flowing through it all year round.

Lekgalameetse is equipped with four accommodation sites, in the form of seven wooden chalets, one guest house and one youth camp. All in all the reserve can host up to 43 guests.

Guided trails and 4X4 tracks can take you a journey a tale of the British soldiers who settled in the area after the 1st Word War. These can also lead you to unique areas in the reserve, such as The Downs and Church forest.


4 x 2 sleepers cabins

3 x 4 sleepers cabins

Paris House sleeps 14 also used as small conference centre

9 Rooms / Units
Air Condition
Kitchen Unit
Linen and Towels Provided
Meeting room

Self Catering Game Drives
Wildlife Photography
Unguided Hiking Trails

Lekgalameetse Nature reserve


eMore Pictures of Paris country house.


Hi Richard,

We have just come back from our holiday, and what a holiday it was!!!!!!!!!! We could have stayed a month.  How wonderful to be far from everything, not even our cell phones worked, no reception for computer, can you believe such a world still exists?

So, although we realise this is not for everyone, to those who ask you for SOLITUDE, send them there!

Thank you.

  Helena   [noddymom@webmail.co.za]











4 x 2 sleepers @ R230.00

3 x 4 sl