Black Forest Mountain Lodge


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Self catering Accommodation in Haenertsburg (Magoebaskloof), Limpopo Province

Land of the silver mists

Nestling in the foothills of the unique, indigenous Black Forest and in the shade of spreading Tipuana trees, you will find the secluded and homely Black Forest Mountain Lodge situated in a malaria free area.

Experience silver mists, so soft and dense, you'll wonder if you've stumbled on 'Narnia', or night skies so clear, you might try to reach into the black velvet canopy and catch a star.

Drink in the perfume of pine-strewn, dappled paths that will wind you around three small dams, where mossy tracks invite you to rustle through a chestnut forest. Bring your mountain bike and accept our challenge to conquer these hills.

Set up camp in unspoiled indigenous surroundings, on a deck if you like, overlooking a small gorge. Enjoy early morning coffee with the sound of birds laughing, as they tease you and swoop over your sizzling bacon and eggs.

Get comfy in a cabin, put your feet up and enjoy a good book and feel like you're miles from nowhere and time does not exist. Tell us what birds you would like to see and we'll arrange for a bird guide to take you on a tour of our area.

Stable your own horse and hack till the tranquil beauty engulfs your soul, and allows your heart to hear the pine trees whispering "Hello....."

We'll supply a stable, some hay and buckets of fresh water for your equine friend.

We'll pack you a picnic basket if you'd like to make a day of it, or even if you'd like to spend the day at one of the attractive spots in our area.

Play volleyball or croquet on the front lawn. Canoe on our dam and watch the ducks go by. Sit on a chair or explore the garden and enjoy true peace and quiet. Take a walk through the Black Forest or Forest Glen. Enjoy scenery unique to the Magoebaskloof area.

For the fisherman, fishing in local rivers and Ebenezer dam is available.

At night, spy on the moon peeping through the tree tops. Take a romantic stroll in the shadowed garden, while moonbeams silver-tip the trees and shrubs. Listen to the sounds of silence and.... sleep deeply!!!

Aware... only in your dreams of a porcupine family rattling by and a drowsy old owl hooting softly in the majestic and brooding Black Forest .

We offer you peace! Our most valuable and sought-after commodity!! We invite you to take off your watches, turn off your cell phones and enjoy this amazing spot, as near to heaven as you can get on our stress-filled planet.

Accommodation Available (All self-catering)

1. Zeederberg House (the original old farmhouse with 5 Double Rooms, 4 en suite; 1 with private bathroom – sleeps 12 in total

• TV and Fireplace in the lounge
• Laundry facilities
• Parking on Site
• In-house library
• Coot Cabin: sleeps 4 (2 private)

3. Mossie Cabin: sleeps 3 (2 private)

4. Flufftail Camp: Camping and on site caravan, with ablutions

The Lodge Comprises :
5 Double Rooms, 4 en suite; 1 with private bathroom. Bed and Breakfast.
Coot Cabin : sleeps 4 Self Catering
Cocksie Cabin : sleeps 3 Self Catering
Flufftail Camp: Camping and on site caravan, with ablutions.

  • Small Conference Venue.
  • TV and Fireplace in the lounge.
  • Laundry facilities.
  • Restaurant on site.
  • Parking on Site.
  • Tea/coffee/ kettles in all rooms.
  • Honesty Fridge.
  • Picnic Baskets on request.
  • Outdoor amphitheatre.
  • Horse Stables.
  • Volley ball and croquet on front lawn.
  • Canoeing on dam.
  • Wonderful walks in the forests
  • Birds wildlife and nature at its best.


N1 from Gauteng. Just outside Polokwane take bypass. N1 – Louis Trichardt. You will go through a big intersection with a robot. Go over. You will come to a 4 way stop. Go over. You will see the soccer stadium on your left. You will come to a big intersection with robots. Turn right into the R71 to Tzaneen.
Haenertsburg is approximately 60 kms from Polokwane. You will pass Zion City Moria on your right. Go over the mountain pass. At the bottom of the pass you will see a green Haenertsburg road sign, then a brown Haenertsburg sign, then a green Haenertsburg and Tzaneen road sign which is just after the bridge. Turn right at the Green Haenertsburg sign into Road D.
Road D is just opposite Picasso’s, a big wooden restaurant.

We are 4kms along the road. If you miss Road D do not worry. Approximately 50 meters further on is a 3 way stop, with an Excel garage on your right. Go right into this road, up the hill, and turn right into the next road which runs past the Police Station and Post Office. Go left at the next road, this is Road D.
If possible please phone us as you start on Road D, we can then be sure to meet you at our reception.